My Mission

            When the Lord spoke to my heart a few years ago and told me that I was going to leave my career behind and follow Him, I wasn't quite sure what to think. But He was insistent and told me to step out of what I knew and come and follow Him. In obedience, my husband and I did as He had asked, and jumped off a cliff into the unknown. My income was keeping us afloat, so for the Lord to ask us to jump and trust was a huge leap for us to say the least! I had started this blog right about that time, and it was more for me than for anyone else. Then the Lord changed my direction completely again and asked me to write for Him fully and completely.
            However, at this time in my life I was focused on Children's Ministry. I was directing and leading the ministry for our church. I was writing the lessons, writing the plays and skits and everything else that involved ministry to the children. But, once again the Lord orchestrated circumstances in my life so that I had to walk away from what I thought He wanted for me. But, one thing I have learned through the years is that God is always preparing you for something. The lessons that I wrote, the plays, skits and all the other writing that I did led me to the place where He spoke once again and said, "Write for Me". He, in His great wisdom, showed me that I had been created for a purpose and a reason, and my writing would be the talent and the gift that He would use for that purpose. So, once again, I found myself leaping into the unknown.
          I focused on this blog that you read today first. But there seemed to be more that He wanted from me, more that He was asking of me. That is when I began to write, "Winning Him Without a Word: Learning to Live With and Love an Unbelieving Husband." This book became more for me than just a book, it became a testimony for me. After the book was released, I focused once again on this blog. Many times through it all I have become discouraged, wondered if I had made the right decision in letting all that I loved doing go, and wondered if I had ever really heard from the Lord. But, He is ever faithful to point us on the path ahead and give to our feet the light that we so desperately need to navigate this dark world in which we live.
          Sitting at my desk, questioning why He would have me here, He spoke these words to me, "One woman at a time." It was then that I realized that my purpose, my goal, my mission in life was to reach one woman at a time for His namesake. My writing is not for the masses, per say. It is not for those who want a quick read and a light devotion. It is my heart, my prayer and my mission that through the words that He gives me, One Woman at a Time will be pointed back to Him. He is truly the only reason why I live, move or have my being. It is my hope and my mission that through my writings, teachings, and public speaking opportunities that Jesus will be able to reach through me and touch "One Woman at A Time." I pray you are as blessed by His love as I have been.
May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you, One Woman at a Time. Amen and Amen.