Saturday, July 25, 2015

Limitless- A Testimony Pt. 20 of A New Adventure

                Ten years ago, if someone would have told me that I would someday own a pet care company I would have laughed at them. Ten years ago my mind was on other things, moving in a different direction, walking a different path. I am a firm believer that God is sovereign no matter what, and as I look back on the path I have left behind I see how it all has come together and how God, in His infinite wisdom has known me better than I know myself. I see now that I cannot put limits on a limitless God.
             This adventure of mine all started about five years ago. I had left the corporate world and became a stay at home mom again. I was serving in my church, leading and directing our children’s ministry, writing and teaching the lessons, as well as organizing and managing the ministry on a day to day basis. One day I was asked be a friend if I would watch her dog for her while they went on vacation. We had a lot of acreage and it was a good place to let a dog run, and after a few months had passed someone else asked me to keep theirs. One thing led to another and more friends began to ask for my help with their pets. I will never forget that moment in late October when the inspiration hit me. I was sitting outside on my porch watching the dogs run and play when I realized that I could do this for profit. I remember saying to my husband that I was pretty sure I could make money taking care of dogs.
                My husband was pretty skeptical at first, and I am pretty sure he didn’t think it would ever go very far. But within me there was this sudden desire and passion to go for it. But off I went, taking a leap of faith into an unknown world of pet care. A few more months passed and more and more calls were coming in. I was getting to be a little too big for my britches, if you know what I mean. Then in 2013 my son brought home a beautiful girl who would not only become my daughter in law, but she would also become my business partner. It wasn’t always easy. In fact there were moments when I just wanted to give up. A few years in and I was still struggling with the thought that this was just a hobby, because I was pretty sure my calling was children’s ministry. I will be honest and admit that I was content to keep it that way too. But, one truth I have learned over these past five years is that we cannot put limits on our limitless God.
                “but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” 
Isaiah 40:31 ESV
                Did you know that eagles fly 10,000-15,000 feet above the earth at speeds of approximately 65 mph? When I think about an eagle, I think about how far and how high he must soar. He is not limited by boundaries, but free, free to be whoever he desires to be, and free to fly wherever the wind takes him. I would have never pictured myself owning and operating a pet care company. I had different dreams and different plans. But when I look back now I realize that my dreams weren’t His design for me. He had bigger plans, better and higher places for me to soar. My favorite scripture verse, my life verse is Ephesians 2:10, “We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” I am His workmanship, what He wants me to become may not be what I think I need to become. My dreams keep me boxed in; His dreams mount me on eagle’s wings so I can fly!
                We cannot limit ourselves, and we must not limit our God. You know that saying, “Dare to Dream”? I think as Christians we are afraid to dream. We are afraid to soar because we think we have to keep our feet on the ground at all times. We have to operate in the confines of the cages we have put ourselves in, whether in ministry, business, or life in general. We don’t want to get our hopes us, because what happens if God turns out not to be the God of the possible? What if this dream is impossible for God to accomplish? We confine ourselves in the cage of disbelief and fear, afraid to believe that all things are possible with God, even those of us who dare to dream.
                Isaiah tells us that those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. Wait does not mean that we are inactive. Wait means to trust and have faith that He who opened that cage door you are stuck in is the same one who will get you through it. We cannot keep putting our limits on our limitless God. The only one who is stuck in a cage is you. Dare to believe that He who started you on this path is the same one who will fly you above it, around it and through it.

                In Exodus 3, Moses comes face to face with the presence of God for the first time. He sees the burning bush and how it is full of fire, yet not consumed. God speaks to Moses from this bush and tells him that He is going to set Moses on a new path, a new adventure that will end in the deliverance of His people. Moses, being fearful to step out of his comfort zone replies, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11 ESV)
                Sound familiar? It does to me because I too was once saying similar things in the presence of my God. I was afraid to step outside the boundaries I had set for my life. I was afraid to be anything more than who I already was. I was content to be comfortable. But God desired and dreamed of more for me. He wanted to mount me up on His wings so I could fly. The Lord showed me the path He was setting me on that day on my porch, but it wasn’t until I was ready to step out of my cage that I truly began to fly.
                “He said, ‘But I will be with you, and this shall be the sign for you, that I have sent you; when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve God on this mountain.’” Exodus 3:12 ESV
                Notice that the Lord tells Moses that He is with him every step of the way. Our God will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) Our God is God over every step we take- the good ones and yes, even the bad ones. But also notice that He tells Moses that the confirmation that He has set him on this adventure will not come until the people of Israel are free from Egypt and serving God on that very same mountain. If you are looking for confirmation before you step out of your cage, you may be in there for a long time. These journey’s, these adventures the Lord has opened for us are to be walked by faith, not by sight and signs. There are no mile markers or road signs to tell you have far we have left to go. We just have to trust that He did open the cage door, and keep walking on the path that is before us. We have to believe that His dreams are bigger and better than ours.
                Five years ago the Lord set me upon a path that I never even considered, but here I am, owner of a thriving and growing pet care company. I am flying freer than I ever have and soaring to heights I never thought possible. My journey is not yet over, and this adventure is just beginning. I may not have the confirmation I need to take the next step, but I am confident in His wings to carry me through to the end. We cannot put limits on our limitless God.             

                It is my prayer that this simple testimony has given you the strength you need to walk out of that cage you have put yourself in, and given you the encouragement to dare to dream in His ability to carry you on His wings. I pray that today will be the day that you spread your wings and fly. In Jesus Name, to Him be glory and honor forever, Amen and Amen.