Friday, June 19, 2015

Pt. 17 of A New Adventure....Peaceful Balance

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                Starting a new adventure can be overwhelming, to say the least. More and more I find myself unbalanced and overwhelmed with the amount of work that has to be done for the business we are building. There are papers to be filed, tax forms to be filled out, things I had not even considered have come up and piled my “to do plate” even higher. Every day something needs my attention, and every day I find less time to do it. These feeling of being overwhelmed hit me pretty hard this week. So hard in fact, that I cried out to the Lord in a fit of desperation for guidance and wisdom. I needed to know what He wanted me to do- what was my next step in this journey I was on. One word came into my mind, and one word has played over and over again since I cried out to Him. “Balance”- I need balance.
               I am walking a tightrope, trying to balance all that I have to do with all that I need to do. In one hand I am holding a list of things that need to be done in order for us to move forward with the business. In the other hand is a list of things that need to be done for the business, not to mention my duties as wife, mother, writer and servant of the Lord. Each one pulls at my attention and to one side I begin to topple. But, when I start to lean to one side, the other side starts to slide. This is why I ended up before the Lord in a fit of desperation, flat on my face before Him, because I couldn’t keep it all balanced any more.
“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”
Isaiah 26:3 ESV
                Priorities are a must in our daily lives, whether we are walking down the path of a new journey or just continuing with the one we are already on. Either way, we must learn to prioritize. As a woman, wife, mother, and business owner, my day can quickly become stacked up and backed up. I have to learn my boundaries. Every day I have to set my boundaries, I have to know my boundaries, and I have to learn to stick to those boundaries. I have to learn balance. This is hard because I am a control freak. Let’s face it; most of us are control freaks. It is one of the things that all mankind have in common. We have this mindset that no one can do it like we do it, so it is just best if we do it ourselves. Not to be harsh on my sex, but us women are the worst for it! (Be honest- you know you are!) No one can clean, cook or take care of our homes better than us so we just do it all.
                No matter what anyone tries to do for me, it will never be good enough so I just end up doing it myself. This, however, has resulted in my husband and my children not willing to do anything around the house to help me. There was one instance in particular when my son was a young teenager. We were arguing about his room and how I felt it was still not clean enough. All I saw was an unorganized mess. All he saw was the disapproving look of his mother. We argued for a few minutes then he said something to me that I believe was from the Lord Himself. He said that no matter how clean he got it, it would never be good enough. His words cut me to my heart because he was right. No matter how clean he tried to get it, I always found something that I would have done or cleaned differently. I was heartbroken. Since that day I never said another word to him, or my daughter about their rooms. This same mindset I had with my son and his room is the same mindset that has overtaken me in regards to our business. The result is that now I find myself overwhelmed, unbalanced and about ready to fall.
                Isaiah tells us that if we keep our minds stayed on the Lord we will continue in perfect peace. A peaceful person is a balanced person. A peaceful person is okay with someone else doing it their way instead of my way. To keep our minds stayed on the Lord means that we rest on Him.
When you have an object or something that is unbalanced, what do you do with it? You lean it up against something. You find something to support the weight so that it does not fall over and break. We are the objects that are about to fall over, and our support, the One who can take all our weight is the Lord-lean upon Him.
                We have to allow our minds to rest in the knowledge that God is and always will be in control. We are not on this path by chance. This business we are building is not something that just happened. It is not something that we just fell into. This is what God has for us, and this is the journey that He has prepared for us. He alone knows the outcome of every moment of my day. He knows the beginning, the end and the pieces in between. We become overwhelmed and unbalanced when we try to take control away from the Lord and stand on our own two feet. It won’t work, my fellow traveler, you will fall over.
                For us to succeed in this life, in these journey’s we are on, we have to come to that place where we lean upon Him because we understand what Sovereign means. We must let go of the control and let God be God over every area of our lives, steps, futures, and yes, even over our mistakes. The balance you need in this life is the balance of letting go and letting God.
                Isaiah goes on to say that the balance, the peace we seek is found when we trust in Him. When I read these words I immediately say to myself that I do trust the Lord. But then again, do I? Do we truly understand what it means to trust the Lord? Do we understand that for us to have balance in our daily lives we must believe that our God is in complete control- even over the mistakes and mess-ups? To truly trust the Lord means that we have complete confidence in Him. We do not doubt for one second that God is in complete control. God is not surprised by any event that happens to us, and if we truly trust in Him, then we won’t be surprised either. Your day is not going as you planned, and this can cause us to become unbalanced and overwhelmed. But trust that God already knew it was going to become awry and He already has a plan for you to walk in (Ephesians 2:10). Trust Him to take the steering wheel. Trust that everything is in His hands and has happened because He has allowed it to happen. That pot hole was not an accident- He allowed it to be put there.
                He is not going to let this journey you are on take a wrong turn. He is not going to let you spin out of control. He sees that patch of ice before you do. He is not only in control of the car, but He is the car and you can’t get there without Him. The reason why you are overwhelmed and unbalanced is because you are trying to drive. God doesn’t need a back seat driver- its okay- you can let go of the emergency brake now. He has this.
                I am overwhelmed because I am trying to control the outcome of everything that is to happen for this business. I am trying to own, operate and oversee without letting anyone else have a part with me in it, which is pretty sad considering that I am partners with my daughter in law! She has the same heart that I do for our clients; she has the same goals and dreams that I do for this business. God did not put her in this business with me by chance. She has her strengths and I have mine. She has her weaknesses and I have mine. I have to trust God that no matter what happens; He is the One I am leaning on. He is in control. He is Sovereign over the good, the bad and even my ugly. We all have a partner, someone that God has allowed to be in the car with us. Don’t be afraid to let them sit in the front seat from time to time. You are not alone, never have been and never will be. Don’t be afraid to let go and let God bring along people to help you get to where He is taking you. Sit back, lean on Him and enjoy the ride.

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  If we believe that God has set our feet upon these paths we are on, if we believe that God has given us this journey to travel, then we have to believe that He will get us to where we are going, no matter what speed bumps, accidents, or obstacles may come our way. We have to believe that no matter what happens, whether good or bad, He saw it coming and has already worked it out for our good. (Romans 8:28) We will find peace and balance for our everyday lives and for the journey ahead if we will just let go. If we do not let go and we keep trying to drive the car, we will crash. You cannot walk this tightrope alone, you will fall. Be willing to let go, be willing to delegate, be willing to prioritize what is needed in your life and let the rest of it go. No one will ever do it the way you do it because they are not you. But you have to trust that no matter what may or may not happen, God knows them just as well as He knows you. We can let go. We can loosen our grip, He won’t let us fall. He will keep you in a perfect, peaceful balance if you just keep your mind stayed on Him. Amen.