Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Single or Married

                I have the privilege to talk with many different men and women through my blog, Facebook page and other areas of my ministry. The Lord has blessed me with so many avenues to share His love and spread His good news that sometimes I am overwhelmed at the thought that He would even consider me enough to use me. Each person that I communicate with has a different area of life that they are struggling with, or have questions in regards to something that is taking place in their life, and just need a little direction. If you have communicated with me at any point you will know that the best advice or direction I can give you is to run to Jesus. My heart’s desire and my ministry, is to bring people back to the basic truth that is found in God’s
Word. For me, every life experience, every difficult decision, every struggle, I face in this life, I find the answer for living through it in my bible. Your life was written by God, and it is found within the pages of His Word. I think we forget that sometimes and tend to run to people for advice instead of to Him and His Word. He has the answers, all you have to do is ask Him.
                One of the common discussions that I seem to have with people is about relationships. Most of the ones that I speak with are seeking a relationship. They want to be married, start a family, and are looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Unfortunately, in their desire to be with someone, they are compromising their faith, their beliefs and even in some cases, their morals. When I first became a Christian, life was difficult. I was in a marriage to an unbeliever, who wanted nothing to do with my God, let alone be a part of my walk with Him. I too struggled with whether or not to compromise my faith and my walk just to keep the peace and to make the marriage work. But the Lord always came back to me with the same question when I would run to Him in these moments of struggle. It is the same question I ask all those who come to me with help for their singleness and even in their marriages. What is that question?
“Is He enough?”
                Throughout the years of living with an unbelieving husband, I learned that there is freedom in these three simple words. I found a peace and a love that surpassed all knowledge and understanding- because I learned to answer “Yes” to His question. Yes, He is enough? Jesus should be enough for us. We must learn as Christians, whether married or unmarried, that Jesus is enough. Jesus is and should be our-everything.
“ for in Him we live and move and have our being,” Acts 17:28
                In Him we live. In Jesus Christ we have life. That life that you desire to have with someone, that desire you have to be in a relationship, to have companionship, can be found in the comforting arms of your Savior. For me personally, when I was struggling with my unbelieving husband, the Lord showed me that He is my all. Everything I ever wanted in a relationship, in a marriage was found in Him. All I had to do was stop looking at the man lying beside me to fulfill me and start looking at the One who created me, the only One who could truly satisfy me.
                Being single is not a bad thing. For some reason Christians have this idea that if they are not in a relationship headed for the altar that something is wrong with them. Do we not see that we are already married? You are married to the Lord Jesus Christ. You are His Bride. If we cannot have a solid relationship with Jesus, how then will we ever be able to have one with someone on this earth? So many marriages fall apart (yes even Christian marriages) because we focus more on the person we are sleeping beside, than the One who lives in us and created us to be His first.
                My husband is a wonderful, godly man, and I am thankful for him. But Jesus, He is my One True Love. He is my true Husband and my relationship with Him is my first priority. I love my husband, but I don’t need him. The only Man I need is Jesus Christ. He is the only One that can truly fill me and satisfy me throughout this earthly life. My husband is my helper, he is my supporter, and he is the one who propels me to be all that I can be for Christ- and me for him. But He is not the reason I live or move- Jesus is the reason I have life.
                Jesus tells us in Matthew that we must seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. (Matthew 6:33) If we would focus on the Lord first and get that relationship right, then, I promise you, in God’s timing, in God’s perfect will, the one He has created for you will come to you. Just as God our Father brought Eve to Adam, He too will bring you your “Eve” or your “Adam”.
                Be content with where you are at in your singleness, and yes, even in your marriage. Focus on the first things. Focus on the First relationship and the rest will all fall into place. Paul shows us that those who are single have a closer walk with the Lord than those who are married. For the unmarried seek to please the Lord, but the married, they seek to please one another. (1 Cor. 7:32-35) Even in our marriages, the Lord God should have all preeminence. In all things He must be First. If He is not First then nothing here on earth is every going to be enough, and you will never be satisfied or content, married or unmarried. You will always be searching for something more, wanting something more, desiring something better. The Lord our God is more, He is better than anything and anyone upon this earth, and that should be enough for us.
                I do not know where you are at in your life. Perhaps you are single and looking for a mate. I want to encourage you today to make Jesus Christ the “Man” in your life and do not seek a mate. Become the woman or the man God wants you to be first, and then wait on Him to bring you your “Eve” or your “Adam”. I am confident that He will. But if you don’t have a solid walk with the Lord first, how will you ever be able to have a solid relationship with another person? If you are married, and you are struggling in this marriage, ask yourself who is first in your life? Is it the Lord? If Jesus is not enough for us now, on this earth, He will never be enough for us when we get to heaven. He must be enough for us now- no matter what state we find ourselves in. If He is not enough for you today, than no one else will ever be.

                I pray today for all the single men and women out there. I pray that we would all come to the freeing knowledge that Jesus, You are enough for us. You are our One True Love and that everything we have, everything we desire, everything would could ever ask or hope for is found in You. Lord, I pray that You alone would be enough for us. In Jesus Name I pray, amen and amen.