Monday, February 17, 2014

Is This God's Will?

  Is this God’s will for my life? I have found myself asking that question many times, and had many people call me and ask me this same question. We pray, we seek, and we desire to know if this is God’s will for us. We read His word; we call our brothers and sisters in the Lord and ask for prayer, all in regards to this simple question of “Is this God’s will for my life?” What is the will of God? What does it mean to be in His will or out of His will? These were questions I found myself pondering this morning as I studied the book of Acts for our women’s group this week. Most of us have asked this question before, and may be asking it right now in regards to some specific area of our lives. So, how do we know if we are in His will or not? I believe to answer this question we must first understand what His will is.
                We know that God is all knowing, all seeing and all present. We know that He knew us before the foundations of the world. We know that we have been chosen specifically by Him to live in this specific time. We know that we have been saved by His grace and that we are sitting here today, not by chance, but because He chose us to be here. We know that there are no coincidences with God. We know that we are to walk by faith and not by sight. We know that we are to trust Him with all things and in all things. We know all these things, yet we struggle with the simplicity of knowing His will for our lives. I say all this to bring you to what the Lord spoke to me through His word today as I asked Him the question- “Is this Your will for my life?” His answer to me, (I must admit) blew my mind. He replied, “It is all my will.”
                “For truly against Your holy Servant Jesus; whom You anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and the people of Israel, were gathered together, to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose determined before to be done.” Acts 4:27-28
                As I read these scriptures I saw the will of God and what it means to be in His will. I began to understand that everything that happens to us is not by chance, or by some sudden event that is meant to take us off guard. But, that everything, your very life is the will of God. “To do whatever Your hand and
Your purpose determined before to be done.” (Acts 4:28) His hand refers to His might, His power, and His sovereign control over all creation. There is nothing on this earth, in this earth, or above this earth that God our Father has not created. All things are in His hand. The words “purpose determined” refers to the counsels and wisdom of God. God’s determined will was before the world was created, based off His all knowing wisdom. He foreknew all the events in your life- down to the tiniest detail. Not one iota of your life was coincidence, nor did it happen by chance.
                God our Father foreknew each and every one of us. So, what does this have to do with the will of God? And how are we to know what the will of God is? We begin to understand the depths of His wisdom and then we begin to see that everything is His will. You are right where you are because He determined before the foundations of the world that you be in the exact spot you are now. He predestined, predetermined and willed for you to be who you are and where you are at the moment that you are doing it. Understanding the depths of His will helps us to realize that we are always in His will. The only time we step out of His will is when we decide to take life into our own hands and live the way that we desire, instead of how He desires. The only time we step outside the will of God is when we choose to willfully sin against Him.
                We pray, “Lord, is this Your will? Is this what You would have me to do?” Then we wait, we pray, we seek, we wait, we wonder, we being to doubt, we being to falter all because we do not understand the simple truth that everything is His will. Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purposes. Have you been called? Of course you have. Do you love God? Of course you do. The only way to know if we are following the will of God in our lives is to walk. Romans 8:28 is a great scripture filled with faith. No matter what way we go, no matter what path we take, it is all in the will of God. Because your life is His will.
                “For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” (Romans 8:29) He foreknew you; therefore everything that happens in your life is His will. God is not taken off guard. He is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. By the determined purpose of His great power you were placed where you are in life because He determined to put you there. We pray for guidance, and ask why the Lord is not responding to our pleas because we do not understand that to walk in His will means that we have to walk by faith.
 We pray and ask the Lord if it is His will and the whole entire time He is trying to get us to see that it is ALL His will. Everything that comes upon us, every path that we have before us, every moment of our lives has been planned by His determined purpose. God’s will is right now, in this very moment. You are not reading this blog post by chance, you are reading it because He predetermined that I would write it, and you would read it. Nothing in our lives as Christians just happens. God is always in control, working and planning, determining and preparing us to walk in His will. The only time we step out of His will is when we choose to willfully sin against Him. Otherwise, it is ALL His will.
                So many of us I believe are stuck in this rut of thinking that we cannot take a certain path because we might step out of God’s will. We become afraid and discouraged when we do not hear His voice telling us this is the way to go. And I am beginning to see that the reason we do not hear from Him is because we do not fully understand, nor grasp the truth of what His will means. Is there anything in your life that your God does not see or does not know? If we truly believe that He is all sovereign, then we will also understand the simplicity behind the words “His Will”. It is all His will. We just have to be willing to walk in it. It is all His will, my fellow brothers and sisters- it is ALL His will.

The only way to truly know His will for our lives is by faith. The only way to know if this is the path the Lord wants you to take is to step in faith upon it and begin to walk. You are not out of His will, for He knew what you were going to do before you did it. Therefore, it is all His will. I pray today that whomever these words are for, the Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of His Holy Spirit will free us from the fear that holds us back, that we would begin to understand that that every aspect of our lives is His will for us, because it is ALL His will. I pray that these words will be a blessing to many and bring glory, honor and praise to Jesus Christ my Lord, forever and ever. Amen and Amen.