Monday, December 30, 2013

Winning Him Without A Word, Learning to love and live with an unbelieving husband.

               For many years I struggled with my unbelieving husband. I was a Christian and he was not. He wanted to live a life that was contrary to God, and did not understand this sudden change that had taken place in me. It was not easy, but through the Word of God and His guidance I was able to persevere and become the wife my husband needed, I was able to be the Jesus he needed to see. There were periods of loneliness, periods of doubt, moments when I just wanted to give up. But, God is faithful, and through His word to me in 1 Peter 3, He showed me how to love and live with my unbelieving husband.
                This book that the Lord has given to me to write, finally, has been written and is published. I want to offer this book to all my blog readers, whether you have an unbelieving husband or not, as a tool to help you strengthen your marriage. I have been told that the wisdom God has given me over the years of living with an unbelieving husband has helped many married women love their husbands as God desires them to love. This book is not only for those of us who have unbelieving husbands, but also for those of us who want to be the wives God has called us to be. No marriage is perfect, and we can all use a little encouragement from time to time. I pray this book is able to bring you that strength through His word and give you the encouragement you need to keep pressing forward.
                In this book I discuss the difficulties of living with an unbeliever, and the call that God has placed on our lives as wives to show them Christ. I share some of my personal struggles as well as some of my very personal prayers for my husband as I lived in Christ, and he chose to live in the world. I share with you what the Lord shared with me as He took me verse by verse through 1 Peter 3.
                When you are living with an unbeliever, sometimes it seems like you are all alone. You see couples and families at church, and you are sitting there all by yourself. You want to talk to someone about it, your sisters in Christ, but unless they know what it is like to live with an unbelieving husband, their help sometimes feels more like a burden. I know, because I was there. I have walked this walk before and I know the hardships, the hurt and the pain that living with and loving an unbelieving husband can bring. So, I encourage you, if you are in this situation right now, to take that leap of faith and follow the same steps that I took as I began “Winning Him Without A Word”.

                I pray for the Lord Jesus to open the hearts of His daughters and that through His word many will be encouraged, strengthened and given the tools they need as we all start the journey of “Winning Him Without a Word, Learning to live and love an unbelieving husband.” To God be the Glory, amen and amen.
Thank you all for your support
Stephane Singletary
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