Monday, October 14, 2013

Strong Tower

                Has God ever failed you? This is the question I heard today as I was pondering on the scripture that the Lord gave me this morning. We live in perilous times. Our nation is falling apart. We have become a nation that seeks money and power over God. We have become a nation that is consumed with self, and a country that no longer cares about its people, but only about the power. As I prayed this morning for our nation and for our government I found myself singing the song “Strong Tower” by Kutlass. ( The chorus goes,
“You are my Strong Tower, shelter over me. Beautiful and Mighty, everlasting King. You are my Strong Tower, fortress when I’m weak, Your name is true and holy, and Your face is all I seek.”
                Has God ever failed us? Has God ever failed you? I asked the Lord God what He wanted to say to me this morning, after singing that song and praying for our nation. And I believe that He wants us to run to Him, to find shelter in Him. All over Facebook I see Christian men and women in outrage over our nation’s government. I too am disheartened by their lack of compassion and their obvious desire for power. Even our President seems to care more about his agendas then the people he swore to serve. But even though all this is happening, I believe the Lord God is calling out to His people to run to Him. To make Him the Strong Tower of our lives. Has He ever failed us? No, He has not. Our trust should not be in the economy, in the men and women of Congress, and never should our trust be in the President of the United States. If God did not want him leading, he would have lost the election. So what then, are we as citizens of this nation to do? We are to run to God and God alone.
                “For You have been a shelter for me; a Strong Tower from the enemy.” Psalm 61:3
   In the days that David wrote this Psalm, there were towers all over. Every castle, every city had a tower. The purpose of the tower was protection and was used to watch for the enemy who wanted to attack. Towers, when you were in them, improved the fighting field. They were usually rounded so that no blind spots could appear. If you stood in the top of the tower then you could see the enemy coming from miles around, and they would not have the element of surprise on you. The round towers also made it harder for missiles, battering rams, fiery arrows and other weapons to cause damage. They were hard to attack, but easy to defend.
                Our God wants us to run to Him, allow Him to be our Strong Tower, because He sees for miles around. He sees the enemy coming, and there are no blind spots with Him. Nothing and no one can take Him by surprise because He is our Strong Tower. He is our refuge, a place we can run to and be safe, and hide from the perilous times that are approaching. No arrow, no missile, no battering ram can defeat us when we are in Him, our Strong Tower. He is and always will be our protection from the battle that rages before us.
              Who do you run to when danger comes? When the storms rage and the battle looms? Who is your refuge? Do you run to God? Is God our Strong Tower? We all know, or as Christians we should know, that nothing happens without God’s consent. He allows all things to work together for His glory. (Romans 8:28) The state of our nation is not a surprise to Him. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows that our government has failed us and He also wants us to know that they will continue to fail us. He wants to protect us from the times that are to come, from the battle that rages around us. He sees way beyond what we can see.
                My hope and faith is not in our President, nor in our government. My hope and faith is in God. Has He ever failed us? Has He ever failed to keep us and protect us, to save us and to redeem us in the times of war and battle? No, and He never will. His tower is impenetrable. Nothing and no one, not even the gates of hell can prevail against His Strong Tower. He is the only one we are to run to, and He is the only one we are to trust.

                Yes, our nation is falling apart. But until we, as a Christian nation, run to Him and allow Him to be our strong tower, we will find ourselves worried, fretting and not finding peace. We do not need a backup plan- all we need is Jesus Christ, our Strong Tower. The walls of the castle may be falling in around us, but our God He is the True, the One and Only Strong Tower that will stand for all eternity. The state of the world that we live in will grow worse and worse. The Bible tells us that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves, selfish, evil and will have no desire to know God. (2 Timothy 3:1-4)These days are upon us, but we, as Christian men and women, can run and take refuge in our God, our Strong Tower who will keep us and protect us from the battle that is raging on. Besides, we know how the battle ends- Jesus Christ is victor and those of us that are in Him will stand in victory too.
                Nothing has taken place in our nation today that God has not allowed. Why would God allow such things to happen? Because there is a plan, a will that He has laid out before us. In the book of Revelation we read about the times to come, and in those times to come, the leaders of our world will fall into deception and they will follow the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. But we can take refuge in our God, for He is our Strong Tower. Do not let the government shake you, do not let the state of our nation disrupt you- hope you in God, and run to His Strong Tower. There and only there will we find peace today and for the time to come.

                I do appeal to all Christian brothers and sisters today to run to God, run to Him, for He has never forsaken you, nor will He ever leave you. Run to Him and allow Him to be the Strong Tower of our lives, the One who is to come will keep us in perfect peace. Let us be a nation of Christian brothers and sisters who trust not in man or in government, but in Jesus Christ alone. “The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower, the righteous run into it and are safe.” (Proverbs 18:10) Let us bow our heads and our hearts for our lost nation, and our lost world. But let us not forget the outcome, and have peace in knowing that the end is near, and our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back, soon. Amen and Amen.