Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Slow Drift

           My dad and I used to go fishing all the time. He and I would get up early in the morning, before the dawn, and load up the boat to see what we might catch. Some of the most peaceful times in my life were those Saturday’s spent on the boat with my dad. We would take the boat all up and down the rivers and lakes, trolling for bass and catfish. My dad would pick a spot and nod to me to let down the anchor. We would drop the anchor, get out our gear and start fishing. Sometimes, however, the anchor would come loose and we would find ourselves drifting. More often than not we did not realize we were drifting until the rear anchor would begin to drag, or we would notice the shoreline getting farther and farther away. Many things could happen to make us drift away, sometimes it was the wind blowing and loosening up the anchor below. Other times it could be a log that would bump into the anchor and knock us off our spot, whatever it was, we would always find ourselves drifting away.
                As I was praying this morning, I realized that sometimes I too can begin to drift away. My day goes on just like any other, nothing exciting happening, no trials to go through, nothing really special going on in my life, I am just sitting in my boat of life, fishing away minding my own business. It is not until I see the shore line getting farther and farther away that I realize I have drifted. Slowly, gently, I find myself drifting away from the presence of my Lord God. I pray, I read, I do my duty every day to Him, but somewhere down deep I have drifted away from Him, somewhere down deep the anchor of my soul has loosened.
                I think more of us can relate to this than we care to admit. When life is going easy and no trial or tribulation is upon you, we can find ourselves drifting very easily if we are not careful. So how do we keep this from happening? And when we do find ourselves drifting, how do we drop anchor and set it once again? These are questions I found myself inquiring this morning. As I was praying, I heard the “routine” coming out, and knew that I was beginning to drift. So I prayed to the Lord to help me, I found myself praying for Him to help me be a woman who continually seeks His face, and He led me to Psalm 27:8 in answer of my prayer to Him.
                “When You said; ‘Seek My Face’, my heart said to You, ‘Your face Lord, I will seek.’” Psalm 27:8.
                The Lord God calls out to all of us who believe in Him to seek His face. But what does it mean to seek His face and what does it have to do with drifting? The “face” of God refers to His presence. When we seek His face what we are actually seeking is the His divine presence in our lives. To seek God’s face is to seek intimate fellowship with Him and Him alone. When I find myself drifting I am to seek His face. When we drift we drift from the presence of God in our lives. It’s like we are saying to Him, “all is good in my life right now, I will call you when I need You.” But it is in these quiet moments of our lives when we need to seek Him the most.
                God’s word is a constant call to His people to seek His face. It is through the seeking of His face that we get to know who He is, who He wants to be and who we are. It is through the seeking of His face that we begin to know and to understand the Mighty God we serve, the Everlasting Father who loves us. God desires for us to seek Him, He wants us to seek Him for Himself, not only for what He can give us. He wants us to know Him as intimately as He knows us. I remember a lady friend of mine once said, “You are as close to God as you choose to be.” He desires to be so intimate in your life that when we find ourselves drifting, we can recognize it and seek Him more passionately. It is easy to depend on God and trust God when we are in the midst of some trial. But what about those peaceful times, the times of quiet? Do we trust Him then? Do we surrender to Him then?
                God calls out to us to Seek His Face, continually. Jeremiah 29:13 tells us that when we seek God with our whole hearts, we will find Him. He promises that if we seek Him, if we desire Him, we will find Him, and He will reveal Himself to us in ways we never could have imagined. It is so easy for us to have these ideas and preconceived thoughts about God. But every day we should be seeking to find the face of God for ourselves, seeking to have His presence in our lives for ourselves.
                I do not know where you are at in your walk. But one thing I pray encourages you, and that is to seek His face, His presence, seek a desire for Him in your life that overtakes you and becomes the beat of your heart. Seeking His face is not to seek out what He looks like in a physical sense, but to seek His face means to seek His presence, His divine favor in your life. For those of us who desire to be called women after God’s heart, we must start by seeking Him for who He is, and not only for what He can give us. It is when we are drifting away slowly that we need His presence most. I pray that the Lord God would open your eyes today, and if you are drifting away, reposition your anchor and seek once again His face.
                “O God, You are my God; Early I will seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1. May this be the cry of our hearts each and every day, and may we anchor down into the peace of His presence. In Jesus Christ be all the glory and power and praise, forever and ever, Amen.