Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day One and Two of My 10 Day Challenge

           Day One went well, although it was more me getting my heart ready for the changes that were about to take place. I went to the doctor who actually confirmed everything the Lord had spoken to me that morning. She explained to me that my unhealthy habits were affecting me more than I realized. So, after she drained me of any blood I had left, she told me to schedule a more thorough physical in a few weeks and we would go from there, but I did need to consider changing my bad habits, and then reminded me that I am not getting any younger! (Thanks Doc for the confidence!) 
            Day one was hard, I will admit it. I had more coffee than I did water, and made a dinner full of bacon and carbs. But throughout the day the Lord spoke to me, reassuring me that He was with me and that we could do this together. I really began to see what it means to glorify God in every area of your life. When He asks us to follow His commands, He is not asking because He is some control-freak who wants to dominate you, but instead, He is a loving God who created you. He saw you before the worlds were created and He wanted you, desired you and saw how lovely you are. He asks us to follow His ways because He knows what is best for you. The bible tells us that there is not a hair on your head that God does not know about, He has counted them all (even the ones that turn grey and fall out-we don't have to count our grey hairs, God already knows how many we have!). He is not going to ask us or lead us into something that will be bad for us, that is not our God. 
         Day two went a little easier, I only had two cups of coffee in the morning, and then began drinking water the rest of the day. I have to tell you, I had more energy than usual. Instead of having that 2 O'clock crash that always comes to me, I had motivation to cook a lunch for my husband and I. It wasn't grass and herbs, but it was a lunch that I felt like cooking, that I had the energy to cook. I did break down and have another cup of coffee in the evening. Now, I must tell you what the Doctor said about my coffee addiction, and what the Lord spoke to me that morning, to understand why I have chosen to let go of the coffee drinking. 
        First of all, I don't drink black coffee, I load it up with sugar and creamer, and I average 12-14 cups a day. Needless to say that is extreme. I am reminded of that scripture passage where Paul writes, "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. (1 Cor 6:12) and also "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify.(1 Cor. 10:23). 
       There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee, but it has to be in moderation. Coffee has great health benefits, but when you drink it like I do, the consequences are not good. My doctor informed me that the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and irritability can be a direct result of too much caffeine. Something I was not aware of, so for me, coffee is now limited and water is now my go to drink of choice. Not that I like water, but coffee is no longer "Lawful for me". 
       There were a few things I learned as well on Day Two, and that was to keep up the challenge, to be strong and to put my body under me. Instead of letting my cravings and my addictions control me (caffeine is an addiction, sorry ladies, but it is) I am to control them. Paul said that all things were lawful to him, but he would not be brought under the power of any of them. That is the key that we have to remind ourselves of. When we have that desire and craving, and if we can moderate how much we take in, then we are not allowing our bodies to dictate to us what to eat or drink. I have to re-train my body to do what I want it to do, not me doing what my body wants me to do. It will not be easy, but the Lord has given me 10 days, so I am going to give it all I have in these 10 days. 
        I will tell you that my doctor called and there are few things that popped up on my tests that she wants to discuss further with me. One is my cholesterol  which is dangerously high, she tells me. The other is not to serious, but worth further evaluation, and will require me to go to a specialist. (No worries, it's not cancer- just some female things we have to tend to, and if we do not, I will once again suffer the consequences) I know that no matter what my God is in control. He has me in the palm of His hands, He knows every cell, every fiber of my being, and my trust is in Him. He will go before me and make my way sure in Him. Of that I have no doubt. 
       So, what I have learned through this 10 day challenge found in Daniel 1:8 is to purpose in my heart, (that is my part of this challenge) and God will do the rest. He has helped me see the errors of my ways, He has shown me that I am to glorify Him in every area of my life. One of the questions I need to ask myself as I go to choose the bad habits again, "Is this really glorifying God? By drinking this or eating this, am I harming the body that the Lord has given me?" Remind yourselves ladies, that you are not your own. Your body belongs to the Lord, even in our food and drink choices, He must be first. Eight days left and counting, and if all goes well, I may give Him another 10 days! 
     Be blessed, and in all that you do may you glorify the One who created you and died for you. Amen and Amen.