Monday, October 1, 2012


              One word has been spinning through my mind since yesterday morning. It is only three letters, but seems to carry great impact; it is the word, “LET”. There is a lot of power in these three letters put together to make this one simple word. Let has many meanings, it means “to allow or permit, to allow to pass, to come and go, and it also means to cause to make.” The word “Let” is used 1557 times in 1272 different verses of the Bible. Seems like a pretty important word if the Lord uses it that much!
                The first mention of “Let” is in Genesis 1:3. God said “Let” there be….and there was. This gives us the foundation of what the Lord wants us to understand today. God said “Let” and there was. We are to “Let” and there will be. “Let” refers to the power God has over everything. He has power over light, wind, and earth. He has the ability to think something into existence. We too have power over many things. I am not saying that we have the ability to think something into existence- seriously, we are not God. But we do have power over our own minds.
                We have the ability to allow ourselves to think, and to direct our minds to do what we choose. We choose what attitude or mindset we will put on every day. We choose how we will react to any situation- we are given a choice. If we seek a life of peace, then we must choose to allow, or LET, our minds dwell on the peace of God. Let shows us and tells us that we have a choice, every moment of every day. We can let the trials and the troubles, the burdens, the hurts, the disappointments of life get us down, or we can LET our minds dwell on the things of God, His promises and His work in us.
                As I was pondering on the word “Let” this morning, a verse popped into my head. Philippians 2:5 says, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” I am to allow the mind of Christ be my mind. We have a choice before us, we can either have the mind of our own sinful flesh, or we can have the mind of Christ. It is up to us which one we “LET” have the dominance.
                Another definition of the word Let refers to renting out an apartment or a house. When you “let” someone your space, you are giving them free reign over all that is within it. The Lord showed me today that many times we allow Him into our hearts, but we do not allow Him into our minds. We say to Him, you can “let” this space, but the attic upstairs is off limits. We have to allow God access to every part of our being. We struggle so much in our walks because we do not “LET” Him in. We set rules for Him to follow as He rents out the space in our lives. But we forget that He is the builder and the contractor and the architect which allowed us to be in the first place.
                Next, the first mention of the word Let in the New Testament comes from Jesus. He is speaking to His disciples and says, “Let your light so shine before me, that they may see your good works and glorify Your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16. Jesus tells us to “Let”. We are to choose to allow Him to shine first. We have been given the power of free choice. We can choose to take upon any attitude we desire. We can choose to put on whatever emotion we want. We can let anything have control over us- we are the ones who let it, not God, not our husbands or anyone else. We choose.
                We are given a choice everyday to either “Let” His mind be in us, or our minds have the control. We choose everyday whether we want Him to “let” out the attic upstairs or keep Him in the confines that we have set. Joshua 24:15 says, “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve….” We choose whether we will allow the negative, complaining and angry emotions come through, or if we will let God have His way and give us the mind of Christ; which was in all lowliness, not considering Himself but taking upon Himself our sinful flesh and making Himself a slave for us. (Philippians 2:5-7)
                I struggle with keeping my emotions in check. Some days they are up and some days they are down. My mother used to say to me that no one could make me angry- I chose to be angry. I never quite understood what she meant by that, until today. I allow others to affect my thoughts, when Christ says clearly to me, “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God believe also in Me.” John 14:1. I allow things to get to me, no one else. I let my heart become troubled; no one has that great of power over me but God. I am in control over my own mind, and when I bow down and allow God to “let” the spaces of my mind and my heart, my life will begin to change in ways I never thought possible. I choose the mindset I will have each day, every moment, and through every trial. I choose to believe God or I choose not to. He does not force Himself over any part of our beings, He only asks us to “LET” Him in.
                The last and final usage of the word Let in the Bible is Revelation 22:17, which speaks to us of the choice that we have been given, the choice that we make every day. “And the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” And LET him who hears say, “Come!” And LET him who thirsts come. Whoever desires LET him take the water of life freely.” We have been given an open invitation by God our Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ to “LET” our hearts and our minds be in His complete and utter control. There is a huge battle being waged for my mind, and when I choose to “LET” God take over- well, I am eager to find out what can now be possible!      
                LET us all give God free reign over our thoughts, over our minds, over our hearts. We no longer are bound to the chains of hurt and anger, disappointment, and frustration and all the other things that tie us down- unless we LET them have control over us. We choose to either LET go or hold on, we choose to allow our minds to go to the negative, or we choose to allow our minds to soar to the heights of heaven and dwell upon the One Who Created us. One simple question to ask ourselves every day which I believe will help us keep the mindset that the Lord wants us to have-Who am I going to “Let” my mind out to today?
Father God, may Your words go forth today, may we see the wisdom, the freedom, the joy and the peace that You have given us when we LET You into every room of our earthly homes. Father God, may we see the power in Your words today, may we seek to understand and to seek out what it means to each of us to “LET” You have complete and utter control. Grant us understanding and may any words that are not of You, may they fall to the wayside, but all that is from You, may it settle in our hearts and bud forth into our minds, producing the fruit that You desire. May all we do, think or speak bring Glory to You now and forever, in Jesus Name, amen and amen.