Thursday, September 6, 2012

May I Never Be Content

              Yesterday, as I was driving around, praying and talking with my God, I realized something. I do not ever want to be content. Now, some of you may be saying that we are supposed to be content with the things that we have, whether we are rich or poor, or single, married, whatever our state in life is, we are to be content- the Bible tells us so. I agree 100 %. We are to be content in what we have or do not have, but the one thing I realized I never want to be content in, is my relationship with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
                I once heard a preacher talk about levels of our relationship with Jesus. He compared it to walking out into the deep end. For some of us we are happy in the shallow end, not wanting to get to far out, but up around our knees or ankles is good enough. For some of us there will be this desire to go deeper, step by step until we can’t touch bottom anymore. I want to be the one that can’t touch bottom. I want my heart to daily speak “that I may know Him”. (Philippians 3:10)
                Content means to be satisfied with what one has, not wanting more. May my desire to know Him never get to a place where I am satisfied! I want more, and then I want more and more, never stopping, never satisfied. There is a burning desire in me to know Him as He knows me. I want to know everything I can about my God. Paul said in Philippians 3:10 that he also desired to “know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.” Paul had a passionate longing not only to have a better knowledge of Him, but to have an intimate, deepened personal union with Him and in Him. There was nothing about Jesus that Paul did not seek to know and be a part of. Paul was all in.
                My heart longs to be all in as well. There is a passionate desire within me to know Christ more. I don’t want to stop learning about Him, I don’t want to stop seeking Him, and I don’t want to stop- period. Paul goes on to say that he presses on, he never stops. He keeps going and going, like the Energizer bunny. If we could only grasp how great and needed this desire to know Christ is, it will transform our lives, and we would be less likely to wax cold.
                He knows you so perfectly, and He wants us to have that same desire to know Him perfectly. But to do this, to have this desire within us we have to want it. Our relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship we will ever encounter, that we will ever be a part of. To have any solid and firm relationship you have to work at it, you have to put effort into it. If you have one party always doing the taking and never the giving, it becomes a strain and the desire to be a part of that relationship. But with Christ, He keeps giving and giving and giving- despite our lack of passion for Him.
                My heart today was ignited again for a passionate love affair with my God. How much passion do we put into earthly relationships, and fail to put that same passion into the one love affair that will last an eternity. When Jesus said we are to seek first the kingdom of God, I see Him with such passion in His voice, lovingly and longingly desiring us to put the passion we have been given to Him first. I picture my God longing for me, just as I long for Him. He never gives up on me, and He never leaves me. He loves me with perfect love, His passion for me is greater than any other I will ever experience. Does that knowledge not make you want Him even more in your life?
                If I leave this earth and all I have to show for it is my passionate love affair with my God, then my life meant something, my life was worth living. I never want to come to a place where I am content in my relationship with God. I want to be selfish in that respect as well. I want more of Him, more and more and more until I stand before Him and can see His face, and when I look upon His face may I say, “I know You.” And may He reply to me, “Just as I know you.”
                So many things can take our passion and longing away from the Lord Jesus Christ. The daily responsibilities, the obligations, the kids, husband, housework, everything and anything can try to dampen that desire. But the Lord God, from the beginning has longed for us to have passion for Him first, in all things. His first commandment to us is to have no other God’s but Him. His love and passion for you is a jealous love. He desires to be a part of your every moment, thought and every fiber of your being. He wants us to desire Him the same way.
                Today, my heart longs for my God, my King, my Friend, my Husband; my heart’s desire is to know Him in every possible way. I do not ever want to be content; I want to go deeper in my relationship with Him. He is everything and I want all of Him, I will not settle for anything less. Every day I pray that the same passionate love that He has for me, I too will have for Him. I want a love affair with Jesus Christ that will last for an eternity. May I never be content.