Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Needs....His Riches

The past couple of days my mind has been filled with thoughts of Children’s Ministry, Vacation Bible School, things I need to get done around the house, bills, broken vehicles, just to name a few of the many “do’s” on my “to do” list. Yesterday, I was overwhelmed and cried out to my Jesus, who came to my rescue and gave me peace, a peace I so desperately needed, through Psalm 61. I was slipping into “Martha” mode and needed a wake-up call! He is ever faithful to bring me back around when I start becoming Martha again, and I do it often! Every time I find myself saying “I need to do this, the family needs to do that, we need to do…” every time I find myself saying “to do” I stop and need to recognize that Martha heart attitude coming up in me again.
This morning was no different than yesterday; I woke up with the same thoughts running through my mind. I have been nervously worrying, and praying very diligently, about servants for VBS (Vacation Bible School). As I was driving my daughter to school today, I clearly heard the Lord say to me, “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:19)Instead of trying to figure out what I need “to do” He clearly told me to trust and have faith in the riches of His provisions. Okay, I thought to myself, but what kind of riches are we talking about here? I am praying for servants and the Lord is answering with riches. I didn’t see nor understand the connection.
I opened up my bible to Philippians 4:19 and read what He had spoken. “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus.” But I still wasn’t getting it. Sometimes my “Martha Mind” is stubborn and needs to be beaten into submission. I went back up the chapter and my eyes landed on verse 11, “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” Content- my husband has the gift of contentment, I do not. It has made for an interesting marriage to say the least. I see his contentment as a lack of motivation; he sees my lack of contentment as a bull in a china closet. So which one of us is right and how does this all tie in to what the Lord spoke to me this morning? Bear with me a while and I shall explain myself.
To be content means to be satisfied with one’s lot, one’s situation in life. The opposite of content is to be disgruntled or displeased with one’s situation in life. Jesus tells us to “not let our hearts be troubled” and I believe He is referring to us being disgruntled or discontented with the way our lives are going, with the way our life has turned out. Paul is telling us that no matter what comes his way, no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen in his life, he is content- he is satisfied with the outcome because of who Christ is in His life. He was not worried about not having enough to eat, where he would live, how he would survive, because Paul knew and understood that “God would supply all his needs according to His riches.” My husband is very satisfied with his life, he is not seeking “to do” anything other than what he feels is right and good before the Lord. Me, on the other hand- I want to help God change the world!
But my God showed me this morning that all my worrying and all my fretting about my “to do” list was already taken care of. I can be content and satisfied with all the things in my life because I belong to the God who owns everything and everyone. He created, He designed, He purposed all things so that I could be content and satisfied with who I am in Him and Who He is through me. What more could we possibly need, or “do” to top that?
When Paul tells us that “God shall supply all {our} needs according to His riches,” he is referring to be filled to the full, to be overflowing with fullness- God will not allow us to lack in anything. God will also not be a debtor to any man. You, nor I, can out give God. Whether that be in our giving of financial resources, our time spent serving in our church, our prayers, or whatever else it is that you are doing- you can’t out give Him. He will repay and He will supply all your needs- whatever they may be.
But what does that do for me now? How does His supply help me be content and not become disgruntled with my lot in life? Because His riches are not determined by human standards, but by heavenly standards, “His riches” means “the fullness of all things in store for God’s uses; that which is possessed by God and exercised towards men.” (Vines Expository Dictionary). What does God not own? What does God not possess? Every human heart is under God’s sovereign control- if He wants servants to serve in VBS, they will. He will make it happen. Besides that, what do you have that you have not been given by the Creator God? If God says He will supply all your needs according to His riches, then why are we disgruntled with our lives? We have been given everything we have- down to the very breath we are breathing.
So, as my Martha Mind became a Mary heart this morning, I realized that my “to do” was actually a lack of trust in Him. Instead of laying down my worries I tried to fulfill them in my own strength. When I become like this, I can understand why my husband says, “bull in a china closet”, because I make a huge mess of things. Not only do I try to do and supply all that is needed, but I don’t allow God to pour out His riches upon the situation, and therefore I become the dam that blocks the rivers of abundance from flowing freely. I try to control the supplies that I feel God needs to give, instead of trusting that He has it all under control. There is not one detail in my life or any situation that He has not already supplied to the fullest capacity all that I will need to do the work He has set before me.
For all us “Martha’s” out there, may we be encouraged today to let go of our “to do’s” and to trust in the richness of His provision toward us. Let us be content with where we are; who we are in Him and what we have been given based upon the fullness and richness of Christ Jesus our Lord. Let us trust and be content in our trusting. “Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.” (Philippians 4:20)