Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God Pressed the Reboot Button

     About a year ago, my husband and I took a huge leap of faith. Most of you know that I left my full time job, my full time salary and started to work part time. The Lord had clearly spoken to me and to my husband that we needed to trust Him and to take a step out of our current life and into a new one He was preparing for us. Brett and I had no idea how we were going to do what the Lord was asking of us, but, we knew that we had to obey and trust Him. My husband and I are control freaks, and the thought of letting go and trusting God was not high on our list of to do’s. But, we stepped out in confidence and in boldness of what He has clearly spoken.
     The first four or five months of our walk of faith was horrible. I felt like we had made a huge mistake, my husband was constantly worried about our finances. We were daily praying for the Lord’s provision, we were daily living off of what the Lord was giving us. Some days we only had rice, beans and eggs to eat. There were weeks that we were certain we were going to go without food. There were days that our bank account was so far into the negatives that we did not know how we were going to survive. It was a very trying and traumatic time for our family. My children, who had become used to getting what they wanted when they wanted, now found themselves going without food, clothing and other things they wanted. Daily, I was in the Word of God, daily I was on my knees praying for help, for hope and for provision.
     Even though we were being obedient and we were following the Lord’s leading, we still doubted and worried; wondering what on earth was the Lord doing? We had some very wonderful friends and church family that helped us out with food and household needs, and the Lord made sure we never went without. He was clearly telling Brett and me that He was “resetting” our lives. We were the computer that was locked up, and He was pushing the reset button to get us back on track, we needed to be rebooted. We knew He was doing it, but we were still struggling with understanding the whole reasoning behind it. We couldn’t see the whole picture, we couldn’t figure out why He was doing it.
     The week after Thanksgiving, the Lord spoke to me through His word. He told me to fast and to pray for our home, our family, and for provision. I did, although, being the first time I had ever fasted and prayed, I made it about a half day. I didn’t understand why the Lord was telling me to do it, but I knew that I had to, I knew I must obey. A few days after fasting and praying, my husband and I received a letter from a developer. He stated that he was interested in our property and wanted to discuss a possible buy-out. Brett at first was not sure what to do, so he prayed and the Lord spoke telling him to call the guy. So, Brett did. I was pretty sure this was how the Lord was going to reboot our lives. Brett on the other hand was still skeptical.
    Christmas was coming around, and Brett and I were given an idea from the Lord to help bring in money. He told us to start boarding dogs. We did, in obedience. The Lord started to provide for us financially through all these wonderful animals, and we made some great friends out of it too! We were able to get caught up on almost all our bills, we were able to have groceries and household needs for the first time in months. We were growing more confident in our obedience, but we were still falling short financially at the end of every month.  Still He was telling us to “walk by faith and not by sight” we were to continue to “trust Him”. (Hard words for Brett and I to swallow)
     Brett and the developer started talking and Brett and I started praying for direction, for understanding, for wisdom. We had learned some very valuable lessons on this walk we had been on. First lesson was that Brett and I had not been the stewards that God had wanted us to be. We had neglected to take care of the things that the Lord had provided us in our lives. We had failed to pay our debtors; we had failed to do many things with the finances the Lord had freely given us. We knew we had to reset that aspect of our walks. We started to cut out things we did not need, we started to purge our possessions, selling things we had purchased needlessly. We began to clean out our home and our lives. We had grown apart in many areas as well. My hours at my job had taken me away from the family, from my kids and from my church. I wasn’t as involved as I once was. My daughter and my son both told me that it was “nice to have our mom back”. I had been so wrapped up in working 80 hours a week that I had missed years out of my children’s lives. My husband and I rarely spoke, and when we did, I was a zombie because of the stress from my job. That all began to change and the Lord brought my priorities back into focus. He showed me how He needs to be first, I needed to fall in love with Him again, and start being the wife and mother He had created me to be. He showed me that there is only one thing that is needful in my life and that is my relationship with Him. After I started to get back to my relationship with Him as my number one priority, He began to heal the relationship with my daughter. She and I began to talk again, and spend time together again. It was wonderful, I must tell you that there is no greater bond than the one that a mother has with her children. Even my son and I began to talk and to have fun with each other again.
    Christmas came, and the Lord provided us with a nice Christmas. It was not full of gifts and useless items this time. This time, it was about our family spending the day with one another. All my children were there with me, and I was full of joy to spend that day with them. And knowing that they wanted to spend that day with me was the greatest gift of all. But there was still this doubt hanging over Brett and I. We were still struggling financially; we were still praying a lot and faithfully for the Lord’s help. We just didn’t know what the future was going to bring for us, and we were not getting a whole lot of direction from our Father in heaven. All we were both getting was, “Trust me”. That was hard!
    January came and so did our miracle. Brett and I had been praying daily for a miracle, and lo and behold that miracle came. The Lord God opened the flood gates of heaven and we were given a way out of our mess we had made with our lives. The Lord had hit the reset button, and our lives were beginning to reboot! Brett made the deal with the Developer, and we were on our way to becoming debt free. It just didn’t seem possible to us, though. We knew that God could do anything He wanted because He was God, but this? This was totally unexpected and to us, impossible. But, the Lord showed us that “with God, nothing is impossible”.  Brett and I both were overwhelmed, we were in shock, and we were in constant, humble praise before our God. To think that He would have that much in store for us was beyond comprehension. And the lesson we learned from it was always right there, but we could not see it because we were too caught up in the worries of the days. The answer was not in the provision from the Lord; the answer was in our obedience to what He called us to do.
    If Brett and I had not taken that step of faith a year ago, if we had not walked out in confidence of who our God is, then I would not be sitting here in my new house, surrounded by a family that I love and appreciate, and Brett and I, well, who knows where our marriage would have ended up. We had grown apart, our family had grown apart, and we had grown away from our God. But our God, in His manifold and infinite wisdom brought us out of that hole and into His marvelous light. I tell you all this testimony today in the hopes that through it you will be strengthened and encouraged. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:9, “Eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”          
     Today, Brett and I can say with all confidence and with all faith that this is a faithful saying. I don’t know where you are today in your relationship with Jesus Christ, but I pray that this testimony gives you confidence and hope, and that it brings you to the realization that “with God all things are possible”. We know not the work that He is still doing in our lives, but we have confidence in the knowledge that He is, He was and He will always be our God.
May the peace of God give you strength and hope to endure, to press forward, to walk by faith and not by sight. For eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Amen.