Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lord, What Would You Have Me To Do Today?

“And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance, for you serve the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24. As I was driving back from dropping my daughter off at school today, I heard a song on the radio. The song was about “every little thing that we do, do it as to the Lord.” I have been struggling with some areas in my life, some are with the different ministries that I am involved in and the others are with my day job- dog walking. I love what I do during the day; there are so many blessings in it. I get to make my own schedule, love on some of the best dogs in the world, and I get to spend time listening to worship music and pastors on the radio while I am driving. It really is one of the best “jobs” that I have ever had! But, I am struggling. You see, I left my full time job so that I could focus on what God wanted me to do. He called me to write, and also care for my family, as well as be involved in ministry. But it seems like lately I do exactly the opposite of what I am supposed to be doing.
Today, as I was praying I could not get that song out of my head- so I looked up the words “whatsoever you do”, that led me to Colossians 3:23-24. Whatsoever I do I am to do it heartily. Well, that is great- but what exactly does it mean? Trust me when I tell you I did not get the answer I was hoping for!  “Do it heartily” is described as the source from which something is done with exceeding abundance. What I saw was great passion, great determination and great desire to do-whatsoever He gives you. When the Lord gives us a calling, or a job, or a family, we are to serve and to do it with great passion, with exceeding abundance coming from the very depths of our beings. I must say, I have not been doing this. In fact, I find that I am complaining more about the lack of time, the constant busyness of my life, and the overwhelming responsibilities that I have every day. But in all honesty, I do have time. Instead of turning the TV on at 8:00p.m. to watch one of my shows, I could be spending that time writing, studying, focusing on the ministries He has called me to. But…..I don’t.
When we focus our hearts onto the Lord Jesus Christ, doing everything we do to the best of our abilities, He does the rest. He gives you the strength you need, the motivation to do it, the time you need to accomplish it and the heart to see it through to the end. Now, some will stretch themselves too thin, I have done that in the past and present as well. We as women have a tendency to think we are Wonder Woman and can leap tall buildings in a single bound- but, let’s be real, we are not Wonder Women. Learning to bow our will to His and ask every morning, “Lord what would You have me do today?” then make our “to do today” list from that. (We all have them, as women we wake up in the morning with a “need to get this done today” list already firing off in our heads- sometimes, before our feet even hit the floor!)
But there was something else that I was missing in my “everything I do” day. It was a simple word that I found the most comfort in this morning. Paul tells us that we “serve the Lord Christ.” (vs. 24) Serve- don’t we know that word! We serve our families, we serve our church, we serve our bosses, and we serve in everything else we can think of. We are serve masters! Are we? Are we truly serving? Or are we going through the expected motions and obligations that we put ourselves into? Good question.
To “serve the Lord Christ” in this context means to “feel oneself bound to, and to yield in obedience as a slave” to the Lord Christ. What great comfort that is to us who are “serve masters” because it frees us from so much busyness into the true meaning of serving the Lord. If I am bound to Christ, the God of all creation, my Lord, my Savior, then I am tied to Him, I am connected to Him in such a way that I cannot be let go of. If I am bound to Him, if I am yielded in full obedience to Him, then if I try to go my own way, there is going to be a great struggle. He has a great hold on me. So, if He has that great of hold on me, then it also means that He is in control and will take care of me. We are “bondservants” of our Lord Jesus-meaning we freely follow Him, even though we have the choice not to, we stay because of His love and care for us. So, as I am going about my day, am I “feeling bound to Him” in everything that I do? Am I yielding in obedience as a slave to what He has called me to do? If you have lost the passion and the desire to do a certain task, then we need to seek Him and find out if we are still supposed to be doing it. Every day, “Lord what would You have me to do?” If we do this, we will be less likely to be complaining and more likely to pour into that task with all our might; which is exactly what Paul is telling us to do.
“And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” Our purpose on this earth, the tasks we have been given are from the Lord. Whether it is the job He has us doing for a season, or a ministry that He has us in for a season. Whatever it is, it is for a season- for we will all one day receive the promise and have complete rest in Him. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no work, or device, or knowledge or wisdom in the grave.” We are pilgrims on this earth; we have a limited time to do the things which the Lord has called us to do. Even if we are not thrilled with the idea, or are not comfortable where we are at- the question is, are we bound to Him in perfect obedience? If we yield and bow our day to His desire, we will be able to “do it heartily, as unto the Lord.”
I don’t know what it is the Lord has asked you to do today. I know what He has asked me to do today- am I going to yield and do it with all my might or am I going to try to pull Him my way? Trust me when I tell you- going His way is much easier.
“Lord, what would YOU have me to do today?”