Thursday, December 1, 2011

True Worshipers

John 4:23-24
This morning I woke up and the first thing I heard was, “When was the last time you just sat in awe and wonder with God?” I didn’t know how to answer that at first, so I didn’t. I continued about my morning routine, fed the animals, took my daughter and the rest of the teens that ride with us to school. When I got home, I thought about what the Lord said to me this morning. It brought to mind the “woman at the well.” John 4:23
Jesus meets this woman at the well, she was living in sin with a man and on top of that she was a Samaritan. But Jesus brings her hope in His words to her. He says to her, “But the hour is coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.”
Lately I have been pondering on my relationship with Jesus and how I spend my time with Him. I would like to tell you all that I am a devoted bible scholar and every day I read my bible and study God’s Word for hours. However, that is not the truth at all. In fact, I am not devoted much at all these days. But the Lord has shown me that my devotion to Him is not in what I “do or don’t do” it is in how I worship Him.
When I think of worship, I think of Sunday morning at church, with my hands lifted up high and my lungs praising and singing to Him. But that is not the only way the Lord is asking us to worship when He says that He “is seeking such to worship Him.” Yes, He wants our praise, our thanksgiving, He deserves them. But there is more to worship than singing and praising. The Sunday Morning music brings our hearts to a place where He is. But worship is not a feeling or an emotional response to something we are singing. No, worship is the bowing of our hearts, and our lives before our God in awe and wonder.
Jon Courson’s Application Commentary he states, “The Father seeks worshipers…With bended knee, lifted hand, and open heart, embrace Him through your praise…Start acknowledging the greatness and goodness of God. The Father is seeking those who do.” Worshiping the Lord is stopping what and who we are and acknowledging Who He Is, it is a continual act of awe towards Him. The music, the words, the praise that we give is a tool that God has given us to bring us to a place where we can worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
The woman asked Jesus where to worship. What was Jesus’ response? Did he tell her to go to church, or did He tell her to find a good home fellowship group? No, He told her to start with her heart. He told her “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24. He basically told her that worship is not where but Who. He is the object of that worship. He desires it and seeks it. When is the last time I spent just sitting in awe and wonder of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the One True God? I honestly couldn’t tell you. When was the last time you did?
We get so caught up sometimes in the “doing” that we forget the purpose and the Person we are doing it for. Worship is not about songs and singing, it is not a feeling. It is a knowing, a proclamation of the Glory of God our Father. It is something He desires from us. Worship is not only for Sunday Mornings, it is a continual, constant part of our beings. Sometimes, we need to go deeper. Sometimes, we need to step away from everything and everyone we know and just go be with Him. He is the Only One Who is worthy of that time.
There is a message lately, I think,  to what the Lord is speaking to us women, and something I hope that you all can see as well as make it a reality in your daily lives. He desires us- all of us. He desires our time, He desires our praise, He desires our hearts, and He desires our worship. There is one thing that the Lord God desires and that is YOU.  Take some time today, or plan a day for yourself and your God to get alone together. To sit in the presence of God in awe and wonder, with bended knee and lifted hands- give Him your worship.
I know what some of you are already saying- “I can’t do that”. I can’t just take a day to go and be with the Lord. What about the kids, my job, my responsibilities, what about all those? I have used the same excuse recently- but the Lord is prompting, and if He is prompting then I need to walk in obedience. Make a plan with your husband, or find a babysitter that day. Plan a day to go and to be with the Lord God- alone. Just you, Him, your bible, your notebook and pen-alone. If you can’t do a whole day, then how about a few hours? Go to the park, take a drive somewhere and just park. Get somewhere where you can bend your knees, lift your hands and say, “Here I am to worship”.
There is one thing that the Lord God desires most and that is YOU!