Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I just got off the phone with a very dear sister of mine in the Lord. She and I have known each other for a long time and watched each other grow over the years. We always talk for over an hour about what the Lord is doing in our lives. (Most the time the batteries in our phones die because we talk so long!)  It is so good to have a sister in the Lord that you can talk to, that you can pray with and pray for.  There are times when the only one I want to talk to is her, because she knows me, and still loves me. She holds me accountable to the Lord when I begin to complain, or seek my own fleshly desires. She prays for me, and I for her on a regular basis.
Today we talked about how the Lord has been working in our hearts and how we are becoming more and more drawn to Him. God is so ever faithful to be a part of our conversations.  When I think of our past conversations, I think of this scripture passage, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20. When she and I talk, Jesus is with us, He is guiding our conversation, opening our hearts to receive from one another and giving us the encouragement we need to make the day all His. It is a wonderful thing to have a sister in the Lord who can do that for you.
My challenge is for all of us to find that one sister, or two sisters that make you a better Christian, that strengthen your walk with Jesus. I have other sisters that I serve with, that I spend time with, but only one that truly makes me get to the heart of the issues and points me back to Jesus. We have all been placed in a body- a church body, the body of Christ. There will be some in this family that we get along with, and some we pray for God to love through us. The important thing for us to remember is that it’s not about us, but about Jesus Christ.
Having a sister in the Lord that is willing to give you reproof when you need it, direction when you are floundering and love when you are feeling unloved, is one of the greatest blessings the Lord has given to me. (Apart from Himself) Paul tells Timothy that “All Scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,” (2 Timothy 3:16) and my sister in the Lord will do this for me when I need it. Because she loves the Lord her God with all her might, with all her strength and with all her soul, she is sometimes the voice that I need to hear to bring me back to the One who loves me and gave Himself for me.
I had many friends when I was growing up, and through the years I have had a “best friend”. But the “best” part did not come until I met this sister. She not only brings out the best in me, but she shows me, through her love and patience with me, the best part about God our Father. After I became a Christian, I had trouble connecting with other Christian women. I had a mentor, and she was wonderful and taught me so many things- but to call another woman “best friend” was not in my vocabulary. It wasn’t until I met my sister, and it seemed like we connected on a level that I had never connected with anyone before. I am thankful and full of praise to God for bringing her into my life. She is the one that I call when I need encouragement, the one I call and cling to when I feel so lost and alone. She is the “best” part of my day when we talk.
I have had the tendency over the years to have many friends, but it was not until I became a Christian that I knew and understood what “best friend” meant, it was not until the Lord brought her into my life that I knew what true friendship was. I feel convicted sometimes when I don’t pray for her, or lift her up to the Lord. Sometimes, I feel like I do all the taking and none of the giving. But then other times, it seems like we are holding each other up. I guess that is the point I wanted to make. To have a “best” friend in the Lord means that you have someone that will hold you up and vice versa. You both, together, hold each other up to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is and always will be the most important friend you will ever have.
I encourage you today to think about that one sister in the Lord that you always cling to when you need it most, and thank her for the wonderful gift of love and friendship that she has given to you.  Take a moment to pray for her, to pick up the phone and call her and say, “I love you friend, and I wanted to tell you how much I need you in my life. You are an important and valuable person to me; I could not be who I am in Christ Jesus if it wasn’t for you.”
Sunday is Pastor Appreciation Day- but today, I think the Lord is asking us to appreciate the sisters He has placed in our lives and to thank them for being a part of our walks. Where would I be without her?