Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrate Father's tomorrow. We celebrate the love, the kindness, the guidance and the many other things we appreciate in our Father's. But there is one Father Who loves us more than our earthly fathers ever could. I once heard a preacher talking about how women sometimes compare their earthly fathers with their Father in heaven. He reminded us that our earthly father's love is limited. They can love us only as God loves through them. I grew up with a father that had an explosive temper, and I spent most of my life trying to please him so that he would not get mad at me. When I became a Christian, and became a daughter of our Father in heaven, I did the same thing- I tried to do everything "right" so that He would not be displeased with me. I found myself being trapped by the law at that point and not living under grace. We need to ask ourselves if we are comparing our relationship with our earthly fathers to the relationship with our Heavenly Father. If we are, then we need to ask God our Father to show us Who He is and Who He desires to be in our lives. God is love and there is only love towards us. Who is He in your life today?
There is nothing we can do that can separate us from His love. As I was preparing the lesson for Children's Ministry on Father's Day, I came across this lesson from It teaches that we have a heavenly Father that is perfect. He is a God that we "Praise".
In Psalm 103 it says that He has:
Healed our diseases
He has redeemed our lives (saved us)
He has crowned us with love and compassion
He has satisfied our desires with good things
He is righteous
He gives justice to the oppressed
He has led His people throughout history
He shows compassion and grace
He is slow to anger
He is love
He does not treat us as our sins deserve
He made us; He is forever; His love is always with those who fear Him
His kingdom rules over all
Knowing this about our heavenly Father, how can we not love Him and Praise Him for Who He is? As we go about our day tomorrow, thanking and celebrating our earthly fathers, let us not forget to Thank God that He is THE Father of Love, compassion, grace, mercy and Salvation. If you do not know your Heavenly Father, then I urge you to bow your knees and ask Him to come into your life and show you Who He desires to be in your life. May all our fathers, husbands, brothers, and friends who celebrate Sunday- be blessed in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Father of all, Jesus Christ. Amen!
Happy Father's Day!